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Revenue Calculator

The Revenue Calculator is a preview tool that allows you to compare revenue estimates for products based on the fulfillment channel used. Easily see which fees apply to each fulfillment option and enter sales volume estimates to calculate total proceeds, as well as per-unit sold estimates.

Important: The fees applied and the profits shown are estimated values and are subject to change.

How to use the Revenue Calculator

  1. Search for the product
    To find a product that already exists on Amazon or in your listings, search by keyword, such as the ASIN or product name. For a product that isn’t on Amazon yet, select Define product and provide the dimensions and product category.
    Tip: Be sure to select the country that you’re interested in to see relevant products and fee previews in that country.
  2. Enter price and shipping charge details
    If you select an existing product, the price and shipping details will automatically populate from the Featured Offer. For products that aren’t yet listed, you can update the Item price and Shipping charge for seller fulfillment at any time.
  3. Enter cost estimates
    To get accurate estimates of profit per unit, enter an estimated cost of goods sold for each fulfillment option. Include your estimated fulfillment costs and any other fees that you plan to incur, such as FBA bagging and labeling service add-ons.
  4. Compare fees and profitability from a third program

    Open the Select program to compare menu to choose a third set of fee estimates and profitability to compare from.

    If the program has an upcoming fee change, multiple fee estimates could be available for the same program. For example, you might see both FBA Small and Light 2021 and Small and Light 2022.

  5. Adjust fields to explore
    Each time you change a field, the Revenue Calculator will recalculate the net profit and fee estimate values.

Fees included in the Revenue Calculator

  • Referral fees
  • FBA fulfillment fees for items sold in Amazon stores, including lithium battery and special oversize handling, if applicable
  • Monthly storage fees (the calculator assumes inventory is stored in the country selected)
  • Variable closing fees
Tip: When rate changes are announced, you can use the Revenue Calculator to compare the current rates to the upcoming rates for the program of your choice. To start comparing rates, open the Select program to compare menu and choose the program that you’re interested in.

Fees not included in the Revenue Calculator

  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Long-term storage fees
  • Per-item fees
  • Removal order fees
  • Return processing fees
  • Unplanned service fees
  • FBA inventory storage overage fees
  • Refund administration fees
  • Rental book service fees
  • High volume listing fees
  • Other less common fees not explicitly listed as included
Note: Unless specifically indicated, the calculator does not include taxes or VAT in the estimates.
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