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European Fulfillment Network between the UK and the EU

European Fulfillment Network between the UK and the EU

Starting March 2022, fulfillment between the UK and the EU will reopen via the European Fulfillment Network, subject to European Fulfillment Network Fees. Eligible offers will go live in June 2022.

Go to European Fulfillment Network Fees (for fee information in Chinese). Eligible offers will go live in June 2022.

To enroll into EFN between the UK and the EU go to Cross-Border Fulfilment Settings.

The European Fulfilment Network allows FBA sellers with an EU account to store their inventory in local fulfillment centers and fulfil orders from other EU stores, maximizing inventory control and flexibility.


To sell between the UK and the EU using the European Fulfillment Network, you must have the following:

  • Access to both the UK and the EU Seller Central accounts
  • FBA offers for your products in both the UK and the EU
  • Inventory for eligible offers stored in local fulfillment centers.
  • Shipping programs and export settings enabled. For EU to UK fulfilment, all EU stores must be enabled for export (Germany, Italy, France, Spain).

If you have more than one EU account, each account must be managed separately.

How it works

Request enrollment for your eligible offers.

Starting March 2022, eligible international offers between the UK and EU will go live via the European Fulfillment Network. You will receive an email to confirm your offer enrollment is complete.

Your Shipping program and export settings may be automatically updated to enable cross-border fulfilment.

You can opt out at any time by deselecting countries from Enroll into EFN between the UK and the EU in your Cross-border fulfilment settings.

Important details:

  • You can create offers on,,,, stores using the same process that you used to create offers on your domestic store. The same SKU must be provided for both of your offers in the UK and the EU.
  • We recommend the use of the Build International Listings tool to create offers in bulk. For more information, go to Build International Listings .
  • If you ship to both the UK and the EU, we will prioritize fulfilling from local inventory. Domestic fulfillment fees will then apply, where applicable.
  • If you use Pan-European FBA, your EU orders will be fulfilled with inventory in the UK if you don’t have inventory in the EU. European Fulfillment Network fees will then apply.
  • Ensure that your prices reflect European Fulfillment Network fees and VAT. We recommend using Build International Listings pricing rules to adjust prices automatically. ASINs that are listed through Build International Listings with the “Same as source marketplace” pricing rule will be automatically updated to the pricing rule “Same as source marketplace, adjusted for fees and taxes”. Alternatively, you can adjust your pricing manually or through your preferred APIs.

By using the European Fulfillment Network to fulfill your products across the UK-EU customs border, you authorize Amazon and its affiliates to export goods (including signing a commercial invoice) on your behalf, as required. This invoice itemizes and describes the contents of your shipment and authorizes brokers and other third parties to execute additional documents that are required for the export of your products.


The price of an eligible item must not exceed €135 in the EU or £122 in the UK. Once enrolled you can check the eligibility of your offers through the European Fulfilment Network ASIN Eligibility report in Pan-European FBA Inventory Reports.

The European Fulfilment Network ASIN eligibility file can also be used to add or remove offers from the EFN cross-border program at store level at any time.

The European Fulfillment Network is available only between the UK and Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.


For a list of European Fulfillment Network fees per store, go to the FBA fee changes page and scroll down to the table under Standard FBA fulfillment fee (per unit, sold on Amazon).

Use the Build International Listings tool to create and update your offers from a single source store to one or more target stores. Use the Same as source marketplace, adjusted for fees and taxes pricing rule to account for exchange rates, fulfillment fees, and VAT.

If you use the Build International Listings tool and have not updated the default pricing rule, “Same as the source marketplace”, all eligible offers will be active and the pricing rule will be updated to Same as source marketplace, adjusted for fees and taxes. Your UK and EU prices will be synchronized, adjusting for estimated fulfillment fees and VAT rate differences. Any Pan-European FBA offers won’t be changed.

Build International Listings won’t adjust your prices to synchronize with the source store if you do any of the following:

  • Use automated pricing rules outside of Build International Listings.
  • Set the price for each ASIN.
  • Update your prices via bulk upload.
  • Use Marketplace Web Services APIs.


You generally aren’t required to register for VAT in the destination store when fulfilling between the UK and the EU.

For business-to-consumer sales that do not exceed €150/£135, Amazon must account for VAT, which the customer pays at checkout. For such sales above €150/£135, and all business-to-business sales, the customer is the importer of record and pays any import VAT and duties. Amazon will collect an estimate of these import fees from the customer at checkout to remit these amounts on the customer’s behalf.

To learn more, go to the EU VAT on eCommerce legislation page or UK VAT on eCommerce legislation page.

Note: VAT information is provided for general reference only and is not tax advice. Consult your tax adviser for further information.


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