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Amber teething necklaces

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What is the product?

Amber jewelry products, particularly necklaces are used to allegedly relieve babies from pain and inflammation during their teething period.

Why is it restricted?

Amber teething necklaces pose choking and strangulation risks to babies and toddlers, and the medicinal claims often made by these products (of natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties) are unsubstantiated. Hence, the sale of "amber teething jewelry" is prohibited on Amazon.

What type of Amber Teething Necklaces are restricted on Amazon?

  • Amber jewelry products (e.g. a necklace/anklet) if intended for use by babies and/or children
  • Amber jewelry products (e.g. a necklace/anklet), with amber beads that are intended for babies and/or children, and which could be swallowed
  • Any amber jewelry product (e.g. a necklace/anklet) for mothers and/or adults which are in the gl_baby_products

Images of restricted products:

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