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This article applies to selling in: Spain

Amazon Handmade: Expand your Handmade business to other regions

When you apply to sell in the Handmade store, you are automatically approved to sell in the countries for the region you are applying in, where Handmade is offered. Handmade stores are available in the following regions and countries:

  • North America: United States of America, Canada, and Mexico
  • Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain

Once your application to sell in Handmade is accepted in one region, you can extend your reach to other regions. You will not need to seek approval to extend to other regions – your current approval can be extended from one region to the next with a few small steps.

If you would like to extend your approval to sell in Handmade from Europe to North America, you have two choices: registering for a new account or adding Handmade to your existing European selling account.

Registering for a new Account

Follow these steps to register for a new account:

  1. Go to Add a European Seller Account to Start Selling on Amazon Handmade in Europe.
  2. Select a primary North American country (United States, Canada, or Mexico) and click Register Now.
  3. Complete the registration process as if you were a new seller, ensuring that you are using the same email address as your European selling account.
  4. Once you have been approved to sell in North America, your accounts will be linked by us.

Adding Handmade to an existing North American selling account

Note: Your items listed in Handmade will not be purchasable unless you have a Professional Selling Plan enabled on your account. Please verify this by logging into your North American selling account and go to your My Services page, where you will find a section for Sell On Amazon. This should say “Professional” for all marketplaces. If it does not, click the link provided for details on how to upgrade your Selling Plan.

  1. Go to Add a European Seller Account to Start Selling on Amazon Handmade in Europe.
  2. Click the box next to I already have a Professional North American Selling Account.
  3. Click Add Handmade to my North American Account.
  4. You should see an Amazon Handmade option under You can sign up for. Click the radio button next to this option.
  5. Click Register.
    Note: You can verify your accounts have been linked by reviewing the Your Services section on the Seller Account Information page, where you should note that you are registered for,, and
  6. Create Your Maker Profile in each country you plan to sell your products in.
    Note: Your Profile Image, Store Name, Storefront images, and your short URL are automatically copied over. However, you are responsible for any translations in the "Inspiration" and "About You" areas of your profile in each country.
  7. Create your product listings in each country. Your product details will not be copied over from your original region.
Important: You are required to provide listing details such as, product titles, descriptions, bullet points and customer support in the official language of the selling country. For example, your listings in France must be in the French language and you must respond to customer inquiries in French for customers on, or Spanish on or, etc. For additional information, go to Important information for international sellers.
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