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This article applies to selling in: Spain

Order cut-off requirements for Seller Fulfilled Prime

To improve the delivery speed that Prime customers see for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) offers, and maintain SFP eligibility, sellers enrolled in SFP in Spain are required to meet the following requirement, effective June 30, 2021:

Order cut-off time

On weekdays, the earliest order cut-off time is 4:00 p.m. Orders received before the cut-off time have to be shipped the same day. Ensure that your SFP carrier arrives for parcel pickup at an appropriate time after your orders are ready to ship. To set your order cut-off time, go to General fulfillment settings.

1. Why did you make these changes?

Prime members consistently tell us they want free and fast delivery. As SFP has not met those customer expectations, we introduced changes to improve the SFP customer experience. We want customers to have a fast Prime experience, regardless of how their order is fulfilled.

2. Can sellers in the EU still enroll in SFP?

In the EU, sellers who are eligible can enroll in SFP, in the stores where it is available.

3. How do I ensure my cut-off time meets the requirement?

In SFP in Spain, if you set your order cut-off time to 4:00 p.m. or later (Monday-Friday), it will meet the requirement.

If you need help in making the right changes in Seller Central, watch our step-by-step video

4. I need more time to setup warehouse operations or align the SFP carrier on order cut-off requirements. What should I do?

You must meet the order cut-off requirement to continue offering your products through SFP. If you don’t meet this requirement, we may suspend your SFP eligibility. To avoid suspension, we suggest you temporarily deactivate SFP for your selling account until you meet the requirement. To deactivate SFP for your selling account, go to your Shipping settings. You can continue to fulfill orders yourself, and reactivate Prime once you meet the eligibility requirements.

5. Participation in Seller Fulfilled Prime program has been suspended for my account for not meeting order cut-off requirement. How can I get SFP reactivated?

To regain SFP eligibility for your account, update the order cut-off time setting in Seller Central, in line with the SFP policy. To do this, go to General fulfillment settings. We will reevaluate twice per week whether SFP accounts regained eligibility, and reactivate SFP once you meet the order cut-off requirement. We will notify you when SFP is enabled on your account.

6. Can I still use Buy Shipping to buy my shipping labels if I stop participating in SFP?

Yes, regardless of whether you choose to participate in SFP in the future, you can continue to use Buy Shipping to buy shipping labels for your non-Prime Amazon orders. The shipping labels available through Buy Shipping will be based on the carriers with whom you have on-boarded.

7. Is this order cut-off requirement the same across all stores that offer SFP?

SFP rules and policies are set according to the local context of each store, including available carriers, national topology, and local logistics networks. As a result, requirements and implementation timelines may vary across stores. If requirements in other countries change, we will notify participating sellers.

8. What happens if I don't meet the order cut-off requirement?

To continue offering your products through the SFP program, you must meet the order cut-off requirement. If you don’t, your SFP eligibility may be suspended. Until you meet the requirement, you can keep fulfilling orders yourself or through Fulfillment by Amazon.

9. How should I contact my carrier to request a new pickup time?

To request a new pickup time from your carrier, contact your account representative. If you are unable to do that, for SEUR, send an email to For Correos Express, write to

10. What else is changing?

There are no changes to other existing performance metric requirements in SFP (Buy Shipping usage, on-time shipment, or order cancellation rate).

To learn how to enable weekend operations for seller-fulfilled orders, watch this Seller University video.

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