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Returns and refunds process for Seller Fulfilled Prime

This page provides information on how to process customer returns, including seller expectations and exception handling mechanisms.

Customer return process

Seller Fulfilled Prime returns can be initiated by the customer through the Online Returns Center. Customers can also contact Amazon Customer Service for this purpose. In the returns process, the customer is asked for a return reason. The customer can also provide additional, optional comments to provide more information on the return reason.

Amazon provides the customer the expected timeline for a refund and the expected refund amount. At the end of the process, a Return Mailing Authorization (RMA) is created along with a pre-paid label for return. In Spain, the return carrier for the pre-paid label is SEUR. The prepaid returns in Spain require customers to drop off their return packages at a SEUR shop or pick up point. Customers can find their nearest SEUR shop or pick up point here.

Please, make sure that you do not refer to any other specific return method or carrier instructions on your Return Settings. Check the Return instructions text box at the bottom of the Return Settings page and ensure that you do not refer to any other carrier specific instructions, or include return addresses or personal details such as emails/phone numbers in return instructions.

Return carrier and tracking information

The Customer Return carrier for Seller Fulfilled Prime is Seur. Seur provides customers with automatic pre-paid return shipping labels when they request to return Seller Fulfilled Prime products that meet standard SEUR dimensions. You can find the tracking information for these returns by navigating to Orders > Manage Returns. (Make sure that you choose "View all" on the left filter pane and choose appropriate filters at the top of the page. Available filters included Date Range, Order ID, RMA, ASIN and Sales Channel).

Hazmat returns

Some products may be classified as "Hazmat" (Hazardous Material) by Amazon. Such product will not get a pre-paid label. Instead, either the customer or Amazon Customer Service may reach out to the seller to provide a Hazmat-compliant label to return the product. Seller must provide such a label to the customer and refund the customer within two business days of receiving the product back.

Return dimensions

In case of returns that exceed the following dimensions, while the return will be auto-authorized, a pre-paid label will not be generated. Sellers are required to provide appropriate Hazmat-compliant return labels for such returns. Maximum return dimensions:

  • Max. 150 cm on the longest side
  • Max. 250 cm girth (Girth = 2*width + 2*height + length)
  • Max. 20 kg

Refund responsibility

The primary responsibility to refund the customer for a return lies with the seller. Once the returned package is received at the seller’s return address, the seller is expected to refund the customer within two business days.

However, Amazon reserves the right to refund the customer at any time. If a customer contacts Amazon Customer Service because a refund has not been issued in time, Amazon Customer Service may, at its sole discretion, refund the buyer, and the seller may be charged for such a refund.

Charges for the return label

Initially, the seller is charged for the pre-paid label generated for a return. This charge occurs only at the time of "first scan" by Seur, so sellers will never be charged for any unused labels.

After you receive the returned package, the seller can deduct the cost of the return label from the refund issued to the customer if the following conditions are satisfied. Check if the label cost can be deducted from the refund:

  1. If the item is in the product category of Clothing, Shoes, or Handbags, returns are always free, irrespective of the return reason. Label cost cannot be deducted.
  2. For other cases,
    1. If the return reason is "seller-responsible", then the return is free. Label cost cannot be deducted.
    2. If the return reason is "buyer-responsible", then the label cost can be deducted.
    Sl. No. Return Reason Responsibility
    1 Accidental order Buyer
    2 Better price available Buyer
    3 The shipping box or envelope isn’t damaged, but the item is damaged Seller
    4 Missed estimated delivery date Seller
    5 Missing parts or accessories Seller
    6 The shipping box or envelope and item are both damaged Seller
    7 Wrong item sent Seller
    8 Defective or does not work properly Seller
    9 Arrived in addition to what was ordered Seller
    10 No longer needed or wanted Buyer
    11 Unauthorized purchase Seller
    12 Description on the website was not accurate Seller
    13 Damaged during delivery Seller
    14 Performance or quality not adequate Buyer
    15 Incompatible or not useful for intended purpose Buyer
    16 Damaged due to inappropriate packaging Seller
    17 Part not compatible with the existing system Buyer
    18 Excessive installation or did not install Buyer

In most circumstances, customers will use the return shipping method provided by Amazon. However, as an exception, some customers may need to use a different return shipping service. Amazon Customer Service has full rights to refund the customer the price of the label. As a requirement of this program, sellers must accept such charges. Such label charges are not reimbursable.

Returnless refunds

Sometimes the customer may be refunded by Amazon but the seller does not get the product back. There may be different reasons why:

  1. The tracking shows the item was delivered; however, no return request exists, yet the customer has been refunded. This may be because the customer never received the product. In this case, sellers may claim reimbursement from Amazon. For more details on the policy or process, please see Seller reimbursements for Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  2. The tracking does not show the item was delivered. The promised delivery date has passed and the customer has been refunded. This may be because the package was lost or misplaced in transit by the carrier. In this case, sellers should contact Seur Customer Service.
  3. The tracking shows the item was delivered, and a return request exists for the order. Look at the tracking ID for return (available in Manage Your Returns page for the order). If the customer has returned the product but it has not reached the seller, then it may be because the package was lost or misplaced in transit by the carrier. In this case, sellers should contact Seur Customer Service.
  4. Some products (like hygienic products, grocery or food items, etc.) are non-returnable by law. Those products are not eligible for return, and Amazon customer service may refund the customer without a return. Such orders are not reimbursable.

Sellers must not, under any circumstance, contact the customer to get the product back in the case of a valid return request. Depending on the situation described above, they may claim reimbursement from Amazon or the carrier.

Damaged returns

If the returned product is damaged, then the seller must establish whether this is carrier damage (e.g. damaged to packaging, transportation induced damage) or customer damage (e.g. damage to internal parts).

  1. Carrier damage: Any such damage must be reported to the carrier and reimbursement claimed directly from the carrier.
  2. Customer damage: For customer damaged returns, the seller can deduct up to a maximum of 50% of the product price from the refund to the customer. If the refund is provided to the customer by Amazon Customer Service, then sellers may contact Amazon Seller Support for a possible reimbursement. Sellers may be asked to provide evidence (photo or video) of the customer damage to Amazon. For more details, see Seller reimbursements for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Sellers must not under any circumstances contact the customer on issues related to damage to the product. Depending on the situation described above, they may claim reimbursement from Amazon or the carrier.

Returns authorized out of standard policy

Amazon Customer Service will provide, and have sole discretion in determining, all post-order customer service to Prime items, including customer returns, refunds and adjustments to Seller Fulfilled Prime items (such as return-less refunds, partial or full refunds, change of fees charged by sellers, changes to the shipping speed and shipping price for an order, refunds of the shipping charge, cancellation of an order or returns including a refund outside the stated return window).

For all such returns authorized by Amazon customer service, even outside of the return window, sellers need to provide a full refund to the customer (unless damaged, in which case sellers can deduct up to a maximum of 50%) within two business days after receiving the product.

Check Customer Service for Seller Fulfilled Prime for more information.

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