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This article applies to selling in: Spain

Faster transit times for international sellers

Configuring shorter transit times for your products is essential to enhance customer experience and improve sales. Setting shorter transit times results in faster estimated delivery times, which is displayed on the product detail page and at checkout, making buyers more likely to purchase your item. Items with faster delivery times are also more likely to be the Featured Offer on Amazon.

Eligibility for transit time options

When you are shipping internationally, your eligibility to access and set shorter transit times will be defined by your performance. In order to maintain access to shorter transit time options, you must continue to meet the following performance requirements (based on orders within the past 30 calendar days).

You can check your performance metrics to monitor and improve your performance.

Failure to maintain performance requirements will result in losing access to shorter transit time options that you were previously eligible for.

How to set shorter transit times

To set a shorter transit time, you can change the transit time in Shipping settings. To learn how to modify your transit time, visit Modify transit time.

Important: Eligibility process and auto-update of transit times
  • The eligibility check for fast transit time options is automatic and auto-refreshed every four weeks.
  • Shipping templates will be auto-updated if your eligibility changes. If you are no longer eligible for a certain transit time option, your shipping templates that are configured to use that transit time option will be auto-updated to use the next available shorter transit time. When your shipping templates are auto-updated by Amazon with longer transit times due to losing eligibility, you will receive an email highlighting the reasons.

    For example, if you are shipping from outside Europe and were previously eligible for both 5-10 days and 10–14 days and are now ineligible for 5-10 days but still eligible for 10-14 days, your standard shipping template with shipping rule of 5–10 business days will be auto-updated to 10-14 business days and you will lose access to 5-10 days. In another example, if you are ineligible for both 5-10 days and 10–14 days based on your last 30-day performance, your shipping templates will be auto-updated to 14-18 business days and you will lose access to any shorter transit times.

  • If you become eligible for shorter transit time options based on your performance, you will receive email notifications and you can update your shipping template. Your shipping template will not be auto-updated with shorter transit time options.


If your eligibility is revoked and you want to appeal, respond to the performance notification in your Account Health dashboard. You should respond with a plan that shows that you identified the problems in your delivery performance and mentions how you changed your practices to resolve them. Common remedies include:

  • Ship your packages using Amazon integrated carriers that provide tracking. See all the integrated delivery services in Spain.
  • Upload tracking information with each shipment confirmation.
  • Use Buy shipping services to purchase tracked shipping labels.
  • Ship faster by reducing your handling time.
  • Ship faster by using a faster shipping method.

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