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Create a Deal

Eligible products display automatically in the Deals dashboard. To learn more, go to Make your products eligible for Deals.

There are three steps to create and submit a Deal after selecting the Create a new deal in the Deals dashboard:

  1. Select products
  2. Schedule
  3. Configure & submit

As you follow the prompts to create a Deal, pay attention to the following:

  • Selection of eligible products: You can filter eligible products on the basis of Deal type and eligible store. You can also search your eligible products by ASIN.
  • Deal store: After you select the product, you can select an eligible store to run your Deal.
  • Deal schedule: After selecting the store to run your Deal, you will see a list of available weeks for that product in the selected store. Deals will be scheduled to run on a day during the week selected and can run for up to 12 hours, and 7-Day Deals will run for seven consecutive days during the week selected. You will not be able to select the date or time for your Deal. If approved, you can see the scheduled Deal date and time in the Deal dashboard one week before the Deal is scheduled to run.
  • Deal quantity: Make sure that you have the proposed quantity at least seven days before the scheduled date, as your deal could be canceled if there is insufficient inventory at the time of the deal.
  • Deal price: The maximum deal price that is suggested when creating a Deal takes into consideration the lowest price from a seller offering the product in new condition. The deal price may fluctuate if any changes are made to the current price and you cannot raise the price while the Deal is running.
  • Product variation: You can select any eligible variations that you want to include in your Deal that’s being recommended. However, we recommend that you include multiple product variations, such as size, color, and style to avoid rejection. For some products, such as clothing and shoes, at least 65% of variations should be included in the deal, although this can change by locale and time of year.

    Once the Deal is submitted, avoid assigning new variations to the parent listing that were not originally recommended when the deal was created. Doing so might result in your Deal being suppressed or canceled.

    Note: Deals discounts will be combined with discounts from other promotions that are running at the same time, including promotions, sale price and business price. For example, if a Deal offers a 20% discount on a €100 ASIN and that same ASIN also has a 5% off promotion running at the same time, the 5% off discount from the promotion will combine with the 20% discount from the Deal. This will result in a total discount of €25.

    Standard Price: €100

    Deal Discount: 20%

    Promotion Discount: 5%

    Total Discount: (100 * 0.2) + (100 * 0.05) = €25

  • Deal title: The title for a Deal comes from the product name of the ASIN participating in the deal or parent ASIN if the deal includes variations. If you want to change the deal title, you have to update the product name of the ASIN or parent ASIN before creating the Deal.
  • Deal image: The image for a deal comes from the main images present on the detail page. If the deal images available when creating a Deal are incorrect or do not match the images found on the detail page, you have to confirm that the correct images have been uploaded to the ASIN or parent ASIN (if the product has variations). You can contact Selling Partner Support for image related issues on detail pages.
  • Deal frequency: We strive to offer customers new deals every day. In order to achieve this, Deals cannot run on the same ASIN within a seven day period while 7-day Deals cannot run on the same ASIN within 28 days. Amazon is subject to cancel any Deal without notification if there are Deals violating this policy.
  • Fee: Ensure that you review the applicable fee before you submit the deal. For more information, go to Deals Fees.
  • Deal status: Some deals may be immediately approved, while others may be suppressed at any time if they don’t meet the eligibility criteria. We encourage you to monitor the status of your deal on the Deals dashboard to reduce the risk of your Deal being suppressed or canceled, which could affect your FBA inventory and fees.
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