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Restock Inventory report

The Restock Inventory report provides recommendations on products to restock, suggested replenishment quantities, and ship dates. It helps you keep track of your inventory so that you can maximize sales by meeting product demand while avoiding overstocking. You can customize your recommendations by configuring your information, such as lead time and case pack quantities.

Field definitions

Field name Description
Country/Region Code The country associated with this MSKU.
Product Name The title of your product.
FNSKU Amazon's fulfillment network stock-keeping unit (SKU) identifier.
MSKU Merchant stock keeping units (MSKUs) are unique blocks of letters or numbers that identify your products. MSKUs are assigned by you as the seller.
ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters or numbers that identify items. ASINs are assigned by Amazon. You can find the ASIN on the product detail page.
Condition The condition of the unit (new, used, etc.).
Supplier part no. The part number used by the supplier to identify the item. You provide this on the SKU Details page.
Currency code The currency used for this MSKU.
Price Your listed price.
Sales last 30 days (sales) Amount sold in the last 30 days.
Sales last 30 days (units) Units sold in the last 30 days.
Total Inventory Total inventory equals all inventory that is available, shipped, and reserved fulfillment center transfer.
Inbound Inventory The number of units that you have for a SKU in a shipment that you have notified Amazon about, provided a tracking number for, or that has arrived at an Amazon fulfillment center for processing.
Available Inventory The number of units you have for a SKU in Amazon fulfillment centers that can be picked, packed, and shipped.
FC transfer The number of units being transferred from one fulfillment center to another.
FC Processing The number of units that have been sidelined at a fulfillment center for additional processing.
Customer Order The number of units reserved for customer orders.
Unfulfillable The number of units that are in fulfillment centers, but not in a condition that can be sold.
Fulfilled by Indicates whether the product is listed for fulfillment by Amazon or by you as the seller.
Days of Supply The estimated number of days that your current inventory supply will last based on the projected demand for your product.
Instock Alert Indicated if your product is low or out of stock. Low stock identifies items where the days of supply is less than lead time, which indicates that orders from your supplier may need to be expedited in order to avoid going out of stock.
Recommended Replenishment Quantity The recommendation for the number of units to be restocked for FBA.
Recommended Ship Date The suggested date to ship the product to avoid a low- or out-of-stock scenario, based on your estimated days of supply and lead time.
Inventory Level Thresholds published - Current Month Indicates whether the FNSKU has an inventory level threshold published. Published only for products with limited restock.
Current Month - Very Low Inventory Threshold N/A
Current Month - Minimum Inventory Threshold N/A
Current Month - Maximum Inventory Threshold Maximum number of units of your FNSKU that you can store in fulfillment centers. High end of the green zone on the inventory level monitor.
Current Month - Very High Inventory Threshold N/A
Inventory Level Thresholds published – Next Month N/A
Next Month - Very Low Inventory Threshold N/A
Next Month - Minimum Inventory Threshold N/A
Next Month - Maximum Inventory Threshold N/A
Next Month - Very High Inventory Threshold N/A
Utilization Utilization represents your current inventory at Amazon, which counts against your maximum inventory level and helps determine your maximum shipment quantity. It accounts for your incoming shipments, inventory pending removals, and your reserved inventory.
Max Shipment Quantity Max Shipment Quantity represents the numbers of units that can be sent to Amazon.
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