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Order fulfillment settings

The Order Fulfillment Settings widget allows you to define the weekend operating days and order cut-off times for both Prime and non-Prime products. Weekends, once enabled as operating days, will apply to all shipping options. Order cut-off times will be applicable only to Seller Fulfilled Prime and Premium Shipping. The settings defined in your Order Fulfillment Settings influence the delivery promise shown to customers, as well as the date you are expected to ship your orders, the Estimated Ship by Date.

The Order Fulfillment Settings feature has two sections: Address and General Fulfillment Settings. The Address section will list your default ship-from location that is taken into consideration when your delivery promise is calculated. You can update your default ship-from address in the Default shipping address section in Shipping Settings by adding a new shipping address or updating an existing address as the default. The General Fulfillment Settings section will allow you to enable weekends as operating days and update order cut-off times.

General Fulfillment Settings

General Fulfillment Settings are used by Amazon to determine the delivery promise for your shipping regions. It will apply to both manual templates where you manually configure transit times for your shipping regions, and automated templates where transit times are dynamically calculated by Amazon for your shipping regions based on the fulfillment preferences you set.

Operating days and order cut-off times

You can view and edit your operating days and order cut-off times under General Fulfillment Settings.

Operating days

Monday through Friday are considered mandatory operating days. Additionally, you can activate Saturday or Sunday as optional operating days. We will take your settings into account when calculating your estimated ship dates. If a weekend day is activated, you will be required to ship out orders also on Saturday or Sunday (as set by you), except holidays. We will reflect next day promises to customers for Prime and Premium Shipping orders made, and you will be required to ship orders on the same day for all orders received before the cut-off time, if it is an operating day. For Standard Shipping orders, the estimated ship date will be calculated based on the handling time that you have set. For example, if you have activated Saturday as an operating day and set a 1-day default handling time, then for an order you receive on Friday, you will need to ship by Saturday 11:59 PM. If you haven’t activated Saturday as an operating day, then your estimated ship by date will be Monday.

Note: Customer delivery promise is a combination of handling time and transit time. By reducing your handling time, you can also promise faster delivery to your customers.

To enable either Saturday or a Sunday or both the days as an operating day for all shipping options:

  1. In Seller Central, go to Settings and click Shipping Settings.
  2. Under General Shipping Settings, identify the Order Fulfillment Settings section and click Edit.
  3. Under General Fulfillment Settings, look for Weekend Operation and check the box for Saturday and/or Sunday operations.
  4. Click on Save.

Note: Turning on Saturday and/or Sunday as an operating day under General Fulfillment Settings will impact all products and all ship options. Enabling weekend operations is optional. This does not mean that the order will need to be delivered on weekends, but you need to hand over the orders to your carrier for shipping. If weekend operations are turned on, these days will be counted towards your estimated ship date.
Important: Before you enable weekend operation, you must check with your preferred carriers and confirm that at least one carrier supports weekend pick-up from your warehouse address. You also need to ensure that the ship options you choose are supported by your carriers if the estimated ship date falls on a weekend.

Order cut-off times (Premium shipping and Prime)

Order cut-off times are used to determine the estimated ship date for products. Orders received before your set order cut-off time will have a ship date of the current day if it is an operating day, while orders received after the order cut-off time are expected to ship the next business day. You are required to have a minimum weekday seller facing order cut-off time of 4:00 pm for your Prime offers and 2:00pm local time for your non-Prime Premium shipping offers.

Note: Order cut-off times will apply to One-Day, Two-Day Premium Shipping and Prime Shipping orders. Order cut-off time is not applicable for Standard Shipping.

In order to modify order cut-off times in General Fulfillment Settings:

  1. On Seller Central, go to Settings and click Shipping Settings.
  2. Under General Shipping Settings, identify the Order Fulfillment Settings section.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Under General Fulfillment Settings, look for Order Cut-off Times.
  5. Set the desired order cut-off time for the Prime and Premium Ship option (1-day, 2-day delivery).
  6. Save your settings and review on the General Shipping Settings dashboard.

Note: The order cut-off time you set will be the same for all operating days including weekends. The default order cut-off time for the Prime and Premium Shipping option where you are required to ship the same day is 4:00 PM local time.

Order fulfillment settings

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