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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.

How will I know that integration to the PartFinder tool is complete?

A seller can check if the ASIN has been included in the tool by verifying that the detail page of the ASIN shows a red or green stripe indicating whether a product fits a vehicle or not. The red or green color marking will only show if you have entered a vehicle type into PartFinder. A colored stripe implies that integration is complete and no more action is required from your side. Integration is not yet complete if the stripe remains gray.

Will my information reflect for all marketplaces after I upload the inventory file for one marketplace?

No, you have to upload a separate inventory file for each marketplace.

My ASINs have been deactivated from the website because the title contained fitment data or car brands. Will providing this information in the description section of the detail page make the ASINs show again?

No, in addition to providing this information, it is important that you change the titles of the ASINs. Update the detail page and make sure that the new titles no longer contain any fitment-specific information. If you are unable to change the titles yourself, contact Seller Support and provide them with the new titles.

Once you have made the changes, notify Seller Support. We will reactivate the ASINs once we are able to confirm that the titles no longer contain any fitment data.

Is keyword search being deprecated due to the introduction of the Amazon PartFinder tool?

No, Amazon is only prohibiting vehicle fitment information in product titles. Customers can still search automotive products by keyword (e.g. "spark plug") and then use the PartFinder tool to determine if the search results are compatible with their particular vehicle.

How can I integrate my parts catalogue data into the Amazon PartFinder tool?

You can integrate your parts catalogue using any of the following three methods:

I have provided vehicle fitment information, but why is this information not reflected on the Amazon website?

It can take 1 to 5 days for fitment information to be reflected. If the information does not appear after this time, you should check whether the data entered was correct. In particular you should check for the following common mistakes:

  • Incorrect manufacturer key attributes (i.e. brand_name and part_number)
  • Vehicle_fitment_codes do not match the vehicle_fitment_standard provided - i.e. if you provide KBA codes (Ktypes codes) as vehicle_fitment_code the required value for vehicle_fitment_standard is "KBA" ("TecDoc")
  • Leading zeros in KBA or Ktypes codes are deleted or added due to Excel sheet cell formatting
  • KBA and Ktype codes include spaces and/or special characters (-; +; #; $ etc)

I also sell universal products that are not fitment specific. Do I need to provide this information for PartFinder?

No, the PartFinder tool is not designed for universal products. Please do not input information for products that are not fitment specific.

I have uploaded incorrect data. What do I need to do?

You need to upload a correct inventory file. The new data will overwrite incorrect entries.

In the past, I have submitted PartFinder information by providing an Excel spreadsheet to Amazon. Can I continue to do this?

No. While sellers were previously required to provide information via a spreadsheet, this method of upload has been replaced by inventory files. From now on, sellers need to submit information for the PartFinder tool via inventory files.

Do I need to resubmit information for the PartFinder tool if I have submitted the data by Excel sheets in the past?

No, you will not be required to resubmit your information if the data is integrated in the tool already. Existing data will still be available through PartFinder.

I sell tires and rims. Can I integrate these ASINs into the PartFinder tool?

We do not currently include tires in PartFinder. However, we do accept information for rims in the tool.

For tires, please provide information on all of the following attributes: tire_type, construction_type, eu_acoustic_noise_symbol, eu_fuel_efficiency_class, load_index, rim_size_inches, speed_rating, tire_aspect_ratio, eu_tire_class, section_width_millimeters, eu_wet_grip_Class

I sell motorcycle parts. Can these ASINs be included in the PartFinder tool?

Products related to motorcycles are not included in the PartFinder tool. PartFinder is currently limited to car products.

How should I structure product titles?

To avoid duplicate information do not enter fitment-specific information in the product title. Always use the same structure for your product titles, as this helps to create a positive customer experience and increase sales:

[Brand name] + [Part_Number] + [Identifying Description] (+ [color_name] + [size_name])


  • Wellpro ABC123 Car Cleaning Set 4 pieces
  • Super Brand U354 Brake Pad
  • LightBright 6539921 Head-Lamp Lens

The more precise your title is, the easier it will be for customers to identify the product they are looking for. Only add information that helps to distinguish the product from other items. Use a maximum of 80 characters with correct spelling. Refrain from using all caps or all lowercase. Also, note that the product title must not contain offer or seller-specific information like delivery options, discounts, or special offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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