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Amazon Handmade: Referral fees

Handmade sellers pay a referral fee on each product sold. The referral fee is either a flat percentage rate or a per-item minimum fee, whichever is greater. They do not pay both. This fee is in addition to other fees (like FBA or shipping charges). Therefore, the overall fee may be higher than the percentage listed below.

The flat percentage fee is based on the total amount paid by the buyer including the item price and any shipping or gift-wrap charges, but excluding any taxes collected through Amazon tax calculation services.

For Amazon Handmade sellers, the following referral fees apply and reflect the additional required on all online sales and all fees are Value Added Tax (VAT) exclusive:

Table 1. Referral fees
Handmade Categories Referral Fee Percentages Per-item Minimum Referral Fee
Handmade: Accessories 12.36 % €0.30
Handmade: Baby 12.36% €0.30
Handmade: Home 12.36% €0.30
Handmade: Jewelry 12.36% €0.30
Handmade: Sports 12.36% €0.30
Handmade: Toys & Games 12.36% €0.30
Handmade: Clothing and Shoes 12.36% €0.30
Handmade: Pet Supplies 12.36% €0.30
Handmade: Beauty 12.36% €0.30

¹Sellers pay a referral fee on each product sold.

These referral fees apply only to approved Amazon Handmade sellers with a Professional selling plan. If you are an approved Handmade seller, but have not upgraded to a Professional selling plan, you are subject to Amazon’s standard referral fees.

Note: Once you are approved to sell in the Amazon Handmade store and approved for a Professional selling plan , the Professional selling plan fee is waived going forward, for as long as you are approved to sell in Amazon Handmade and have eligible products for sale. For more information on the benefits of Amazon Handmade, go to Amazon Handmade.
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