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Merge accounts

Merging accounts unifies your selling experience across Amazon’s international stores and lets you more easily manage and scale your business. You can also gain access to tools previously restricted to a single country, as well as receive a discounted subscription fee for the Professional selling plan.

How to see if you already have merged accounts

Your merged accounts are listed in the store switcher in the top navigation bar of Seller Central. If you have accounts that are not listed there, you can merge them using the following instructions.

If you already sell in multiple countries or regions and you want to merge these accounts:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central and click Global accounts from the Settings drop-down menu.
  2. From the Global accounts page, click the Merge accounts tab.
  3. Follow the direction on the page and select the accounts that you want to merge.
  4. When prompted to sign in again, enter the email and password for the other account that you want to merge.
  5. Once you sign in, you will see a preview of the newly merged accounts.
  6. Click Confirm and merge button, accept the terms and conditions, and then click Confirm and merge button again.

How to register to sell in a new region and merge the account

If you want to sell in a new country or region:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central in a country or region where you are already selling, and select Sell globally from the Inventory drop-down menu.
  2. Click the tab of the country or region where you want to register.
  3. Click Register for the country or region where you want to sell.
  4. If asked to sign in again, use the email and password for the region where you are already selling.
  5. Complete the registration by providing additional details, if asked. The new countries where you have registered to sell will be merged automatically when you are finished.

Merging of accounts policy

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policy when merging their accounts. Merging of accounts is permanent. Once you have merged your accounts, you will not be able to undo the merge.

  • You can only merge accounts for which you are the owner.
  • If you are a Solutions Provider, web agency, or integrator managing the account, do not merge accounts. Instead, consult the account owner and have them take this action directly. Once merged, accounts cannot be unmerged.

Professional selling plan subscription fees for merged accounts

To help you grow your business, we are offering you the possibility to sell in multiple countries at a reduced price. If you merge your accounts, your monthly fee will be one of the following, whichever is lower1:

  • The sum of the subscription fees for each country in which you have active listings; or
  • The equivalent of $39.99 USD per month

For example, if you maintain merged Professional selling plan accounts in India (no subscription fee) and Mexico (600 MXN/$30.43 USD subscription fee), and have active listings in both stores, you would pay a subscription fee equivalent to $30.43 USD per month, billed to your Mexico account as 600 MXN. If you maintain merged Professional selling plan accounts in the US ($39.99 USD subscription fee), Europe (€39/$45.94 USD subscription fee) and Japan (¥4,900/$44.18 USD subscription fee), and have active listings in all three, you would pay the equivalent of $39.99 USD, billed to your US account as $12.09 USD, to your European account as €11.79, and to your Japan account as ¥1482.

Your subscription fee will be split proportionately across each country or region in which you have an active listing and charged separately in each local currency.2 The reduced fee will be applied automatically if you already sell in multiple countries with your merged accounts. You can see the fee in the transaction details section of your Payments report. If you sell in multiple countries, but are not doing so with merged accounts, follow the steps above to ensure your eligibility for this offer.

Region/country Monthly subscription fee per country3 Merged account subscription fee
United States USD 39.99 No more than the equivalent of $39.99 (USD)
Canada CAD 29.99
Mexico MXN 600
Brazil BRL 19
Europe GBP 25, EUR 39, SEK 410, or PLN 165.91
United Kingdom
Turkey No fee
India No fee
Japan JPY 4,900
Australia AUD 49.95
United Arab Emirates No fee
Saudi Arabia No fee
Singapore No fee
Total Up to $217.78 (USD)4

1Referral fee, FBA fee, closing fee, and other fees will still apply.

2The amount may vary based on currency exchange rates in effect when the monthly fee is calculated, but will always total no more than the equivalent of $39.99 (USD) at the prevailing exchange rate, excluding tax (except for Brazil and Mexico). Foreign transaction fees may be charged by your bank or credit card issuer, and are not included in the amounts above.

3May not reflect other current fee promotions.

4Estimate based on prevailing exchange rates on May 17, 2021.

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