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This article applies to selling in: Spain

Program Terms

By participating in Seller Fulfilled Prime, sellers must agree to the following requirements for all items enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime ("Prime items"). You must adhere to requirements for the purchase of shipping labels, customer service, and customer returns applying to all orders of Seller Fulfilled Prime items, regardless of whether the buyer is a Prime member.

If Amazon determines that a seller's actions or performance may result in harm to customer trust, violations of our terms or policies, or cause other risks to customers or Amazon, then we may, in our sole discretion, disable or remove applicable Prime item offers, Seller Fulfilled Prime eligibility, or selling privileges.

Prime shipping

Sellers must offer Prime members the Prime shipping benefits described below for all Prime items.

Shipping Speed Eligible Addresses
Free one-day shipping All mainland Spain excluding remote areas.
Free two-day shipping Balearic Islands and remote areas.
Free 3-5 day standard shipping All mainland Spain and Balearic Islands addresses.
Ineligible for Prime International destinations, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Sellers must also offer free shipping to Prime members who select delivery options that are slower than the Prime shipping benefits for which they are eligible.

Shipping benefit for non-Prime members

Sellers must offer all buyers free standard shipping (3-5 days) for Prime items, regardless of whether the buyer is a Prime member or not. As a result, all non-Prime customers will have access to free Standard shipping, which delivers to all addresses on products enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Seller-Fulfilled Prime sellers will be able to set their own shipping prices for non-Prime buyers who order with One-Day, subject to certain limits on shipping charges set by Amazon. Amazon Fair Pricing Policy requires you to set fair shipping rates for your Seller Fulfilled items. Excessive shipping rates harm customer trust. Your shipping charges should reflect the actual cost of shipping and be comparable to the price customers would pay at other major retailers for a shipment of the same size, weight, destination, and shipping speed.

Delivery Guarantee

A guaranteed delivery date message will be displayed on the item detail and checkout pages for all Prime items eligible for One-Day or faster shipping. Amazon Customer Service may provide full shipping cost refunds when contacted by customers regarding a late delivery of any Prime item, and the cost of these refunds may be charged to the seller’s account.

Shipping label requirements

Sellers must purchase shipping labels for orders containing a Prime item through Amazon Buy Shipping. You can access this service via Seller Central or through the Merchant Fulfillment API, or through an approved third party integrator.

At least 98% of all prime orders must use shipping labels which have been bought through Amazon Buy Shipping Services.

By using a Prime approved carrier, sellers agree to Amazon's terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the applicable carrier or service provider for both outbound shipping and returns shipping.

Customer service

All post-order contacts regarding Prime items will be directed to Amazon Customer Service. Amazon Customer Service will provide, and have sole discretion in determining, all post-order customer service to Prime items including customer returns, refunds, and adjustments to Seller Fulfilled Prime items (such as returnless refunds, partial or full refunds, changes to fees charged by sellers, changes to the shipping speed, and shipping price for an order, refunds of the shipping charge, cancellation of an order, or returns including a refund outside the stated return window). Sellers agree that Amazon may charge the costs of any returns, refunds, or other adjustments and concessions related to Seller Fulfilled Prime items to the seller's account.

Sellers remain responsible for pre-order buyer enquiries, enquiries related to their products, and any order-related questions from Amazon Customer Service. Sellers agree that they will be respectful in handling all such contact, and will meet the Prime high performance bar related to customer service and customer experience.

See Customer Service for Seller Fulfilled Prime for detailed information.

Customer returns requirements and policies

Sellers agree to accept customer returns for all Prime items in accordance with Amazon Returns Policy. Prime items will have auto-authorization of returns initiated in the return window of such items (when sellers enroll the items in Prime, no further action is needed for returns to be auto-authorized). Amazon may make case-by-case exceptions to the returns policies, including accepting returns for Prime items fulfilled by sellers past the stated return window. Sellers agree that Amazon may charge the costs of any such returns, refund or other adjustments and concessions related to Seller Fulfilled Prime items to the seller's account.

For more details on the returns policy see Returns policy for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Listing restriction

An item listed in the Seller Fulfilled Prime program cannot be listed as a non-Prime item at the same time. Sellers agree that they will not list the same SKU simultaneously as a Prime ASIN and a regular marketplace ASIN.

Product availability

Sellers cannot enrol in Seller Fulfilled Prime any products that have a future restock date. Sellers agree that if they run out of inventory on a specific product, they will remove this product from the programme until their inventory has been replenished.

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